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Anarchism is a political theory largely suspicious of organized political power. In other words, the government is unnecessary. According to anarchists, the government has no natural right to control our lives in any way. In contrast, anarchists stress the importance of individual liberty. Anarchists believe in destroying hierarchy and self-governance. Further, the root of anarchism is the Greek word Anarchos. It means “without authority.”

There are two main currents. The social anarchists ask to dissolve the hierarchy. Thus, people could govern themselves. Many critics point out that this would lead to chaos. However, the anarchists oppose this objection. The second current is libertarian anarchism. This group values their rights over all else. So, they would sooner protect their freedoms than live in a peaceful society. However, there are many more of this belief. For example, you may encounter the green or individualist form.

Typical logo of anarchists

Critics of anarchism often focus on the opinion that anarchy will cause toleration of horrific crimes. But, anarchists argue that this is not true. In their words, a functioning society would never tolerate these crimes regardless of government involvement. Besides, critics believe that it would be tough for individuals to resist the temptations of power. So, the critics question whether anarchism would work in a larger society. 

Anarchism in Practice

Anarchism emerged in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Then, it had a vast influence on literature. However, there were anarchist signs in movements in the Early modern period. 

In the past 30 years, anarchist movements have experienced a rebirth. The Zapatista movement in 1994 established the indigenous people of Chiapas in Mexico self-governing. Additionally, they allowed these people to adopt an anarchist government. This government continues to operate. Hence, it proves that anarchist policies can work on a smaller scale. Despite this, many people still doubt the chance of realizing anarchism on a national or global scale. Somalia stands as an example.

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