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Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17th, 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts. Then, it was one of the thirteen original American colonies. He was the tenth of a total of seventeen children of a British-born soap maker, Josiah Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin received only limited formal education. However, from a young age, he was curious and chased self-education. At twelve years of age, he started to work for his brother at his print shop. Despite poor treatment from his brother James, Franklin earned valuable education in the newspaper business. 

In 1926, he settled in Philadephia. Two years later, Franklin bought the sought-after Pennsylvania Gazette. Besides, he contributed with his writing to the magazine as well. In 1732, Franklin published his famous book, Poor Richard’s Almanack. In addition, he also found interest in natural sciences. As a result, in 1753, Franklin invented the lightning rod.

Benjamin Franklin
* January 17, 1706, Massachusetts, British America
✟ April 17, 1790, Philadephia, USA

Benjamin Franklin in politics

For twenty years, from the 1750s until the 1770s, he lived in London, UK. There, he represented the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey and, Massachusetts. Hence, American independence son became one of his goals. He was one of the first to pursue it. Before his return over the Atlantic, he also met the likes of Thomas Paine and David Hume.

While he missed the First Continental Congress, in the Second Congress, he was a leading figure. For example, he helped Thomas Jefferson draft the Declaration of Independence. Then, Benjamin Franklin sailed for France.

Franklin’s role in France was significant. First, he negotiated French assistance in the Revolutionary war. And secondly, in 1783, he was instrumental in drafting the Treaty of Paris. John Jay and John Adams were there with him. He also met Adam Smith during his stay

After his return in 1785, he continued to work in public service. He is one of the signators of the 1789 American Constitution. Besides, he helped James Madison write it. In the same year, he also published an anti-slavery essay.

Benjamin Franklin, an inventor, philosopher, and politician was married to Deborah Read and had three children. The Founding Father, nicknamed The First American, died on April 17th, 1790, in Philadephia.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin