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So, what is Rei Publicae?

In the history of our species, access to information has never been easier. That is, for sure, an advantage we should cherish.

However, many of us tend to have trouble orienting in the vast amount of information. Yet, the influence of misleading information and disinformation is a significant threat to society and liberty. So, we are obligated to fight back. Our idea is simple, political education.

Hence, the goal of Rea Publicae is to help people understand fundamental political topics. Ultimately, it is not here to judge or support specific parties. Simply, Rei Publicae aims to bring politics in a brief, yet thorough, fashion.

Moreover, for our articles, we only use sources of the highest category.  Thus, it should be noted that among these are personal knowledge, original publications, printed encyclopedias, and other reliable internet sources such as Britannica.com, Ballotpedia.com, and many others. Furthermore, many sources are international from different world languages.

Did you know?

The name Rei Publicae is the plural form of the famous Latin phrase “res publica“. Res Publica means “state” or “public affairs“! Further, read here!

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Rei Publicae is a grassroots project. To illustrate, it is created by students all around the world. By its users, contributors, and volunteers. Of course, all in their free time. Furthermore, Rei Publicae is not backed by any institutions, organizations, or political parties. So, please send your suggestions, ideas, or any other inquiries using the contact form or by email. Thank you very much in advance!

Finally, if you wish to contribute to help our cause – a better understanding of political fundaments, we kindly accept donations of any amount which will, by all means, be reinvested into further development of the website. Once again, thank you for helping us grow! Our nifty PayPal, Kofi, and LiberaPay buttons are below!

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A huge THANK YOU belongs to all those who, in their free time, chose to help create Rei Publicae. Undoubtedly, without these people, the website would never come into existence. As time flies past us, the list of these amazing people from all corners of our beautiful world continues to grow!

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