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Believe it or not, political education can be fun and interactive! So, welcome to our political quiz where you can test your knowledge in 20 simple questions. There is nothing to worry about and you can find all the answers in our articles around the website! We hope you have fun and don’t forget to invite your friends!

#1. Tammany Hall was...?

#2. What is NATO?

#3. What is the principle of secularism?

#4. What is the primary goal of counter-intelligence agencies?

#5. Who is the author of the "I have a dream" speech?

#6. What is Zionism?

#7. In which form of government is the power to rule hereditary?

#8. Who was the first president of the United States of America?

#9. Who was the first chancellor of West Germany in 1949?

#10. Who of the following is a co-author of The Federalist Paper?

#11. Which of these were written by Aristotle?

#12. What best describes plurality voting

#13. Who is the author of Wealth of Nations?

#14. What is the goal of the Head of State?

#15. What does "Res Publica" mean?

#16. Of which country was Nelson Mandela the first black president?

#17. Who was the president of the United States when World War II. started?

#18. When did the French Revolution begin?

#19. Who was the first female prime minister in Europe?

#20. What is anarchy?