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So, what is the definition of politics? The word originates from the Greek word polis, meaning city or city-state. Politiké means administration. It is, of course, closely related to politeia and res publica. The Cambridge Dictionary defines politics as “The activities of the government, members of law-making organizations, or people who try to influence the way a country is governed.” 

Hence, politics are all actions leading to creating laws and governing. However, the meaning is much deeper than it may seem. No matter what, it is present in our everyday lives. It all begins at your dinner table at home! Besides, it is with us during the whole human existence.

In general, it is the administration of all public affairs. Thus, many parties affect politics. And therefore, take part in it. It is not only the political parties. Civil movements, NGOs, companies, and others all take part in it. Further, all governmental bodies and organizations also take part.

Of course, the famous work by Aristotle Politics practically means “things regarding the polis!” Hence, the English word politics!

The city hall in Hamburg, Germany